The Advantages of Purchasing a Dual Head Stethoscope

When looking to purchase a new stethoscope one of the big decisions you need to make is to decide if you want to purchase a single or a dual head stethoscope. There are benefits to both and this article will explore the benefits as well as the negatives of each.

Single Headed Models

If you are looking for cheap then you do not want a dual head stethoscope. You will find that single-head models are usually the cheapest options available. While they are a great extra piece of equipment and work great in a pinch, they are not what you as a doctor want to use day in and out to diagnose your patients. The reason is that this model type has a small dynamic frequency. In reviews, many complain about how hard it is to hear through a single head stethoscope.

Dual Headed Models

If you are looking for a durable and efficient model then you cannot go wrong by choosing one of the many dual-head stethoscopes that are being sold today. You will find that in reviews of this model type that they are well known for being extremely cost-effective and used frequently in emergency situations because of how fast and efficient they are at helping physicians diagnose problems.

The Pros

The reason this type of stethoscope is so superior is that it has a much greater frequency response and is extremely versatile. There is no question that you can and will hear better with this type of scope than a single-headed one.

In using it the larger side is the diaphragm mode. That is what is used by the doctor to measure heart sounds that have high frequencies. In reviews, physicians have found that it is ideal for listening to the heartbeat irregularities. There is also a smaller part which is what we call the bell mode. This component is what measures lung sounds that have a much lower frequency. Medical practitioners find that it is ideal for listening to irregularities in breathing. All the doctor has to do with a dual-headed model is to rotate the head to listen to a particular body sound.

They can hear better sounds than the other types of acoustic stethoscopes plus because they are dual-headed the sound clarity is superior. This also allows you to pick up lower frequency sounds that are produced by the lungs which make this device not only good for monitoring the heart but also other parts of the bodies. In the end, this makes for a much better diagnosis.

The Cons

The biggest disadvantage of using dual-head stethoscopes is that they do tend to be very pricey. That means that not only must it be maintained but it also is very expensive to replace if damaged or lost. However, it will be well worth your effort and is worth every cent in that it helps you save lives and is extremely accurate and easy to use. It is a well-known fact that dual-head single tube stethoscopes are by far superior in hearing capabilities than other types of scopes. Plus the quality used in making them is also generally higher. However, with the superior performance and quality, it also comes with a superior price.