Sensor          : Air- coupled HIR sound transducer 
                         activated by diaphragm
  Amplifier        : Solid-state integrated circuit gives 
                            a) 1  to 5  fold amplification in Model LG 300
                            b) 1 to 10 fold amplification in Model HG 900
  Volume          : Continuously adjustable by graduated 
                         1 to 5  potentiometer control
  Filter              : 2 – Way Electronic Filter Switch
                         a)  LO-Filter for low pitch sound; 
                         b)  HI-Filter for high pitch sound
  Mechanical    : Glass epoxy sealed PCB, 
                          Unbreakable ABS/Cr-Metal body; 
                          Soft Polymer tubing / Ear-tips,
                          Stainless Steel Binaural Spring.
  Power            :  One 3 Volt Lithium Cell :
                          Type CR 2032, or equivalent.
  Size/Weight   :  Chestpiece: 5 cm round / 3 cm high; 
                          Y-tubing: 55 cms long.
                          Black/Grey color  – 180 gms  –
                          Carry Case: 27 x 15 x 5 cms
Dimensions and Specifications are subject to change in view of the constant improvements and innovations  that  the Company carries out in its products

Loud and Distinct I,II,III,IV heart sounds Crystal-Clear murmurs  & respiration sounds Auscultation is