Features  of   STETHTRON

The Electronic Stethoscope has advanced features such as :-

* Miniature size : Entire electronics is integrated inside a conventional size chest-piece
* High acoustic sensitivity provides powerful and crystal clear amplification of heart sounds, respiratory sounds and faint murmurs
* Easy finger-tip graduated volume-control
* Dual-Frequency diaphragm enables convenient single-sided chest piece operation
* Electronic Filter to differentiate sounds of variable frequency or pitch
* Special noise-reduction circuitry to minimize external noises
* Unbreakable chrome-metal chest-piece
* High-flexibility polymer tubing with rugged binaural spring
* Light in weight
* Feather-soft ear-tips
* Non-Chill rim for patient comfort
* Choice of Two Models – LG300 and HG900



Loud and Distinct I,II,III,IV heart sounds  Crystal-Clear murmurs  & respiration sounds  Auscultation is