Benefits and Advantages

STETHTRON   makes  auscultation  easy …..
It is light and handy as your regular stethoscope. When  you use  STETHTRON , you will discover the amazing power that you have never been able to get with  your conventional stethoscope.   Until now….
There is no need to strain your ears and  concentrate  during auscultation.  Heart sounds, respiratory sounds and murmurs can be heard  loud and clear. The faintest murmur or abnormality can now be easily detected. 
Auscultation  becomes a  pleasure! 
With  the comforting  knowledge that your diagnosis is  right …

Advanced Features :
Micro-Processor based design  and  advanced solid state integrated circuitry give you  true-to-life sound reproduction. External noise reduction and  unique MPCG  technology. Epoxy sealing for total reliability.  Soft – touch switches with easy  finger control  for volume adjustment. With  STETHRON,  you experience sound  so real   – it is  live!  This new generation stethoscope is specially designed for the busy and thorough medical professional. Dual-frequency diaphragm and electronic filter provide convenient single chestpiece operation. Special polymer tubing and stainless steel binaural construction ensure reliable life-long performance. With exclusive soft sealing ear-tips for extra comfort….your ears will love to wear  Stethtron all day !  And  the  STETHTRON  advantage with these unmatched  features is available at a price that’s a  pleasant surprise.

You can listen to life  with ease   … 
Hear  what  you  were earlier  missing !


Loud and Distinct I,II,III,IV heart sounds Crystal-Clear murmurs  & respiration sounds Auscultation is